Financial Planning

Building wealth is a matter of creating new assets and preserving what you’ve earned. Daniel M. Smith & Associates can help you meet those challenges to help you grow and preserve what you’ve worked hard to accumulate for your family, business and financial future.

For Today – You have unique needs and financial goals. Our team works with you to customize a plan based on the full range of financial and estate planning issues you are likely to face now and over the course of your lifetime. We evaluate your overall asset allocation to help ensure it matches your financial goals and your tolerance for risk.

For Tomorrow – Clients rely on us to help them look ahead to their spending needs at various points in their lives and consider the various sources of income that will be available.

For most of our clients, every aspect of their financial lives is mapped out over time with the help of our working together on an annual basis. We carefully coordinate your finances to form a completely integrated strategy that is based on your goals and objectives. Your plan drives all present and future financial-related decision making. 


Imagine a single portal through which all of your financial matters may be managed:

• Your assets and liabilities (regardless of the financial institution you work with)
• A personal financial statement that is updated daily
• Historical data showing financial progress
• Your private documents (wills, trusts, business agreements, tax returns, etc.)
• Children’s college education analysis
• Your retirement plan and cash flow models
• Your investment asset allocation schedule and charts
• Analysis of goals and results for education, insurance, estate and retirement planning

We are your single-source financial advocate, working with you and your advisors to achieve a common goal.