Special Needs

Individuals with Special Needs are those who have chronic physical, developmental, behavioral or emotional conditions that limit their ability to live, think and/or work independently.

Having been involved years ago with a Special Needs niece, (pictured with her mom, my sister-in-law) whose parents had divorced and with the father dying one year thereafter at age 34 of brain cancer, I learned early on the perils of not planning in this area of life and the havoc, pain and suffering that ensue. Tasha is now a 32 year old, living somewhat independently as a young adult with Down Syndrome, but her journey did not follow a straight line.
There are many issues in Estate Planning that are unique to a family with a Special Needs child. Being apart of the SpecialCare Planner Program and having earned the Chartered Special Needs Consultant (ChSNC) designation at the American College at Bryn Mawr, the additional knowledge helps me to recognize those issues associated with children with special needs and also to work more compatibly with their counsel so that the family's best interests are realized.

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