Strategic Alliances




Gowrie Group – a premier independent insurance agency – provides insurance, benefits, and financial services to individuals and businesses throughout the US, and specializes in customized business, home, auto, and yacht insurance products and services.  For more information about Gowrie Group visit  or call us at 800.262.8911.





HighCap Financial is an invitation only membership organization for successful independent professionals who are dedicated to providing cutting edge life insurance solutions to their clients. Our membership is made up of professionals who are seasoned, well respected in their communities and interested in growing their business efficiently, while maintaining their focus on their clients. Our members value their independence and their ability to run their business as they see fit but recognize the benefits of scale and market leadership that comes with a major national organization. 


Belden Hill Prtners serves as an independent corporate finance and investment banking adviser to closely hel businesses across the United States and Canada, with a unique focus on families in business. We provide a full range of middle-market consulting, investment banking advisory and execution services to help business owners grow the value of their businesses and achieve their goals for shareholder liquidity, while maintaining control of their companies and strengthening the bonds of their shareholder/family relationships.




To foster the health and continuity of family businesses by providing a variety of educational and informational services to family business owners and their advisors. We seek to balance the well-being of the business, the family and the individuals involved, to provide opportunities for our members to develop business and advisory relationships with each other, and to strengthen the economic base of Connecticut.



401(k), Profit Sharing, and Defined Benefit 


Strategic Alliances are not exclusive relationships. You are free to choose your own professional for these needs. Strategic firms are not affiliated with MML Investor services, LLC. and are solely responsible for their own products and services provided.